GDHP Work streams

Policy Environments

One of the greatest challenges to development and innovation is access to relevant knowledge for rapid dissemination. The rise and application of advanced information technologies means there is a great opportunity for knowledge building, community interaction, innovation, and collaboration. By embedding this in policy, we can transform healthcare across the globe.

GDHP’s Policy Environment Focus

Our Policy Environment Work Stream focuses on two key areas:

  1. The role of government in supporting innovation and development in digital health technology as a vehicle for health system reform
  2. The challenges of governments in addressing privacy and consent issues in the process of sharing health data and information with patients, clinicians, and other organizations.


Ronan O’Kelly

Digital Health Policy Analyst, Department of Health



Simon Hagens

Vice President, Performance, Canada Health Infoway

International Case Studies

Identifying and documenting international case studies of secondary uses of health data and an international comparison of regulatory frameworks for secondary uses of health data.

Overview of International Approaches

Creating a comparative overview of international approaches to health data privacy protections and consent processes for consumers to allow access to and use of their health information.

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