GDHP Vision

The Global Digital Health Partnership (GDHP) facilitates global collaboration and knowledge-sharing in the design and delivery of digital health services to support high quality, sustainable health and care for all.

A shared focus on improved digital health services for better care across the globe.

As countries and territories around the world face the challenges of designing systems and delivering services in support of good health and wellbeing for their citizens, digital technologies can provide potential solutions. They can improve the safety, quality, and effectiveness of healthcare, support earlier diagnosis of disease, and promote the development of new medicines and treatments. They can empower patients, citizens, and the care professionals who serve them.

Governments are making significant investments to harness the power of technology and foster public-private partnerships that support high quality, innovative, sustainable healthcare for all.

The GDHP facilitates international best practices in the use of data and technology to advance health and care, provides opportunities for policy co-production and knowledge transfer, and facilitates horizon scanning to more accurately forecast emerging trends.