GDHP Work streams

Evidence and Evaluation

The creation of evidence through research and evaluation is integral to governments’ understanding best-practice approaches to delivering health and related services and supporting policy development.

Healthcare providers should be supported to evaluate services and/or conduct and participate in research which builds evidence to guide improvements, quantify benefits for patients, clinicians, and health systems, and test new models of care.

GDHP's Evidence and Evaluation Focus

This work stream focuses on sharing methods, insights, and examples of digital health evaluation frameworks. It also identifies concrete examples of lessons learned from existing digital health benefits evaluations and strategies for rapid knowledge sharing across participant countries.


Peter O’Halloran

Chief Digital Officer, Australian Digital Health Agency, Australia


Tamara Sunbul
Saudi Arabia

Medical Director of Clinical Informatics, Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare


Approaches and Frameworks

Identifying and documenting different methodological approaches and frameworks, including economic modelling, for evaluating the benefits of digital health services.

Novel Future Concepts

Mapping future-focused novel developments in methods and approaches to data analysis from digital health services, such as machine learning and natural language processing.

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